Spring 2021
March 2021
.....and so it continues, lockdown status is still restricting our eating out and socialilising.  Hopefully the jabs will help once we have all had one, mine is in the can so to speak and I look forward to our social lives starting to come to life, rather like the buds breaking on these beautiful trees around us.  Innovation is still incredible, the resiliance of the local producers and restauranters is wonderful and working with them to safely support them is my hope that once we come out the other side they survive and grow stronger. It would be a really great outcome if people continue to shop and eat locally instead of filling the pockets of some of the remotely managed supermarkets and faceless traders who are never seen or never support local events.  I am not tarring everyone with the same brush here but there are some who never contribute to local events, whereas many small local outlets consistently support the community in which they live and trade, these are the real heros that we should be supporting.
Jan/Feb 2021
Following the most difficult time for restaurants, pubs, eateries etc during 2020 my heart goes out to them yet again as we start 2021 with the majority of establishments only able to offer a takeaway menu.  The innovation and immagination shown by our hospitality sector has really been second to none and I urge everyone to stay and shop local but also to support these wonderful people.  
Whilst there isn't an opportunity to eat out or with friends, it focuses the mind on trawling the cook books and taking advantage of our lovely businesses that have very quickly put together a takeaway/delivery service for meals.  Boy oh boy around us there are many, including a fab menu from Simon at The Elephant in Torquay - our very own local Michelin starred restaurant.  He offers a takeaway service with full instructions on how to recreate his masterpieces and a lot of people who are local to him have taken the challenge and some great pictures are appearing on social media of their creations.
A bit close to home we really are spoilt for choice on takeaways, from pizza, kebabs, fish and chips, tapas style with a chilled wine to accompany, Greek Mediterranean and a several Sunday roasts, all these in addition to the normal takeaways that trade normally in this way.
The biggest sadness is that you cant meet with friends to share it with, only via zoom which to be honest doesnt hold much pull to me to sit and share a meal in that way, drinks yes that is far better but the silences of the food certainly dont appeal.




My Blog 2020



Well 2020 just keeps on giving!  In these strange times it is lovely to go somewhere and feel safe and happy to eat there  Much like the swallows we flew south to Mainland Greece, where the sea and sun were warm.  Fresh foods abundant and used by the local Tavernas to create the delicious meals that we ate whilst out there.  Nothing tastes better than picking and eating a fresh fig from the tree, warmed by the late summer sun.  Despite the obvious restrictions, life goes on and felt surprisingly normal as we were able to eat outside and whilst the waiters wore masks it wasnt the only topic of conversation like it has become in the \UK.  Greece have handled this crisis incredibly well, they should be proud of themselves and to be honest it felt much better being in Greece than here.  I hasten to add the area we stay isnt full of nighlife, groups of partygoers it is plain and simple Greece off the beaten track, where the few words of Greek go a long way you may arrive a visitor but you will leave as a friend and over years become accepted as "Our English Family" - Filoxenia is their way of life and what they have they will share with you.   


Well since we returned both the UK and Mainland Greece have entered a period of lockdown, to try and contain this Covid virus.  Whilst we all get used to wearing masks inside enclosed buildings other than at home of course, and in some outdoor situations too, we are thankful that we are still able to enjoy the autumn sunshine, the birds singing and everything else that nature gives to us.... Food becomes a central event despite the fact we are unable to eat out socially, we can still picnic and there is nothing nicer than a hot home made soup and some chunky bread and butter with it on a cold crisp bright day.  Actually as I type this down here in Devon it has been mild, with some damp grey days but quite a few bright sunny ones too. 

All the susual foodie events are either cancelled or put on hold, so no local Christmas market in Exeter, no gin festival and all the other festivities that we so enjoy at this time of year.  So Hygge time, candles lit, bread baking, slow cooker primed and retreat from the news, after all it does what it says on the can and unless it is sensational it barely carries any good news!  Listen to music , keep clam and cook is the mantra for this time of year. If you are looking for a little inspiration then check out my what's in season pages or the recipes section.  An important thing to do is to support your local producers sand shops, without whom this lockdown would have been a very tedious and different time, remember buy local or bye bye local.


greece, the mainland thankfully covid instructions and whilst taking it seriously were still living their lives.so we havent had to self isolate.  It all felt quite normal and safe there and I can happily report that the area where wew stayed was very compliant with the