Nutrition Advice


Once you have contacted me and we have discussed your individual Good Food and Nutrition requirements.  To enable a full personalised nutritional analysis be carried out on your diet, there is a little written work for you to complete. You will need to keep a food intake diary for at least 3 days, it needs to be totally accurate and honest! not what you think you ate but what you actually ate!.  This will include, what you had, the time you had it and rough quantities. To complete this holistic nutritional overview of you and provide a baseline to work from, there are other health related questions which you need to complete, to give you some idea of what they are I have listed just a few headings for you to look at.  But don't worry a printed, easy to complete questionnaire is provided.

  • List the health problems you suffer from
  • Current medications
  • Family medical history ie Hereditory profile.
  • Weight and Height.

It's simple to book an assessment, just use the " Contact Me" pages and I will come back to you within 24 hours for a free short consulation before we arrange your own personal nutritional analysis appointment.