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Hello and welcome to Good Food and Nutrition, I am Nina Geraghty and I am offering a range of services to organisations and individuals by focusing on improving and promoting general health and well-being through healthy eating. If you are looking to include seasonal foods into your diet, take a look at my Nutrition/Food News page, where I am sharing with you some ideas and suggestions to help you cook and enjoy the slightly more unusual foods.  Easy and inspirational ideas on my Recipe for the month page, building on seasonal foods and those a little further afield too.....

I also write a Food and Travel Blog which captures the taste and flavour of Greece you can read this at www.ninageraghty.wordpress.com

At any time during the year it's good to take breathe and look around you to see where your food is coming from, it's thinking about the providence of the food you eat, by chosing carefully you will not ony protect the environment but you will also be future proofing your own body by restricting any chemical/pesticide food intakes.  So the choice is down to you, hopefully you may decide to try and support your local producers and consider what the seasons are providing, eating in season gives you the best flavours and best nutrients rather than well travelled or cold stored foods.  Having spent many years helping to promote the local farmers markets I am keen to get involved in the South West now to start championing local quality and artisan producers.

Above all have fun and enjoy.


Since moving to Devon I have been supporting a local business called Veg-in-a-box by designing and writing recipes for them to include in their home delivery boxes, this enabled them to continue and launch a new product following covid and continuing forward,  which helped with their own income stream and keep trading.  I tailored the recipes to match the seasonal produce that was available, during the time I designed, tested and produced around 50 recipes to enable them to keep their boxes seasonal and interesting for their customers.


It has been a pleasure over the last few years to deliver my talks and share my knowledge and passion with some local groups , these talks have enabled me  to support some very good causes from the proceeds from my talks, these have included Stafford and Shropshire Blood Bikes, Gnosall First Responders, Gnosall and Newport Lions Club  and also enabled me to provide the Parish Council will funding to buy a gift to all the 85 year olds in our village as part of the Christmas Afternoon Tea celebrations.  

BBC Radio Shropshire - Food Programme


Had a great time as the guest on Paul Shuttleworths food programme on, we tasted and talked food for an hour.  We discussed seasonal and local foods and ideas of how to use some more unusual vegetables like swiss chard and celeriac.  My love of Greek food got an airing too...


Thank you to all those who came along to my Mediterranean Masterclasses at Ludlow Food Festival. Not only did you have the opportunity to cook but you also created some Greek dishes and you learnt a little more about the nutrition behind the ingredients you used.



While living in Staffordshire I was sought after on the speakers circuit, with not many months going by without delivery my Eating the Mediterranean Way cookery talks and demonstrations, somthing I really enjoyed doing.  


For Groups and Organisations

I offer talks on general food and nutrition topics and have the expertise to tailor them to address more specific dietary needs.  A range of already tried and tested subjects are available as a starting point for our discussion.  I have the knowledge to deliver  Food and Nutrition Topics which will interest your group, be it aimed at a particular age range, lifestyle,  dietary requirements or just to give some basic nutritional advice about healthy eating or delivering a menu makeover session.  Contact me for more information and we can discuss a range of talks to suit your group's interests.


           come and learn a little more about the nutrition behind the food  





For further information use the contact page or send an email now to  goodfoodandnutrition@gmail.com

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